Christmas is just around the corner!

With Christmas just around the corner let’s try and support some regional businesses to keep our rural economies kicking. Many city folk repeatedly ask what they can do to support regional communities suffering from drought so I've compiled a list of some of my favourite online shops based in regional areas that you and your family

The True Heart of Drought…

Despite the ongoing drought and my connection to the land and agriculture whilst many others have used the net to shine a light on this issue, I have remained somewhat silent, until now. It is not because I don’t care or don’t understand. In fact, I care too much and believe for someone of my

Yum Yum supports Brain Foundation

Thank you to all the people who supported the Yum Yum stall at the recent Brain Foundation Christmas Fair held in Tamworth. This was a major fund-raiser for the Brain Foundation which continues to do such wonderful work within our communities and congratulations to them for hosting such a lovely day. Yum Yum.... Where Does It Come